Vicky Smith Styling

Image consultant and personal shopper

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Jo, Solihull

Thanks for the repeat shopping trip. Got lots of compliments when I wore the Karen Millen skirt the other day. Loving all of it!

R, London

I recently had a great day with Vicky. She came over to my house primarily to help me to slim down my wardrobe. I had collected so many clothes over the last 20 years and had found it impossible to get rid of anything. She started by measuring and analysing my body shape to show me which styles flattered me most. Then she went through my colouring and showed me colour swatches which suited me best. Also taking into account my personality and lifestyle, it made if easy for her to help me to discard several binliners of clothing! It was a fantastic feeling clearing out all this stuff, and I have continued this process on my own since. Vicky was extremely professional, and good value, and she had the right level of firmness which I needed. We also had good fun and many laughs going through my wardrobe. The visit at my house lasted around 4 hours. Afterwards she email me a report of our discussions, fashions, styles and colours which I could stick to in the future to make the most of my body and style. I would highly recommend Vicky for any advice regarding wardrobes, fashion, style and shopping.

Jo, Nottingham

I was very pleased with the whole day. I now feel more confident in trying on different patterns and styles and have not bought a navy/ white stripe t shirt since! I even have a bright pink beach dress! I am also much more aware of effect of accessories, particularly proportionality. I really appreciated your advice and guidance, thank you.

Alli, Shepshed

Just had a thoroughly enjoyable, informative colour consultation with the delightful Vicky Smith. Can now be more confident with the colours I should and shouldn't be wearing. A very worthwhile experience.

Vicky B, Solihull

Vicky Smith has a lovely personality and makes you feel at ease straight away. I was worried that nothing would be left in my wardrobe. Instead we selected what clothes suit me and my bodyshape best. Vicky has lots of years of experience in the retail industry and provides excellent advice with regards to items to buy and how to best wear your existing clothes. It was a lovely experience and Vicky followed up in writing with lots of useful advice.

Kyra, Harborough

Vicky came to me for a wardrobe detox. I used to be very fashion conscious, but after years of motherhood my wardrobe consisted of a range of black tops and baggy ill fitting trousers for comfort and with no idea of what was current or where to start. Vicky not only showed me what to use in my current wardrobe, but helped me make the right decisions on new purchases. I feel so much more confident as a result, which was something I wasn’t expecting. Thank you Vicky.

Vicky, Solihull

Vicky, it was lovely to meet you and a great experience. The fashion advice is so apt, and I have my shopping list. Once I get my paycheque we will go shopping…..Thank you Vicky

Caroline, Leicester

Really enjoyed the styling and make up evening. It opened my eyes to new ideas. it was a really good event

Amanda, Leicester

I attended Vicky’s 10 years younger styling and make up event and really enjoyed looking at current fashions and how to adapt them to my age.

Julia, Leicester

Vicky’s Styling evening was really relaxed and friendly. It gave me lots of tips and ideas on clothes and fashion.

Nikki, Leicester

What a fantastic evening of styling tips with Vicky. I now feel very motivated and am looking forward to buying clothes for my body shape.

Rhonda, Leicester

When I arranged a home visit with Vicky I thought I had a pretty open mind as to what clothes worked well for me. I was convinced that despite adding on a few extra pounds I hadn't fallen into the trap of trying to hide everything as well. After about 20 minutes with Vicky and my wardrobe it became very clear that I had. I felt a bit daunted to start with but she has a fantastic approach which combines some necessary honesty with encouragement and motivation to feel great about yourself. I really did believe I knew what worked for me. I wasn't totally wrong but I certainly wasn't making the most of what I've got and Vicky has certainly changed that. Since my consultation I have tried really hard to follow all the guidelines and tips and without fail each time I do someone gives me a compliment. I couldn't recommend Vicky highly enough.

Mandy, Lutterworth

Vicky assisted me first to identify what I needed for a new work role and then purchase a wardrobe which has proved to work brilliantly for me. She encouraged me to try new things and work with my body shape. I found her friendly and approachable style very supportive and have recommended her services to my friends..

Jo, Solihull

After having children and giving up work I felt my wardrobe had become tired and a bit frumpy. Vicky did a full wardrobe detox with me, advised me what to get rid of and what to keep (not always obvious!) and was also very helpful in giving me hints as to how I could give some different looks to clothes I already had by layering and using accessories. We wrote a list of things that I needed and then went shopping. Vicky had a very clear idea of what we needed to get and I tried on lots of different outfits. Vicky is always honest about what works and what doesn't, and will pull together outfits that I would never pick out as well as taking me to shops I wouldn't normally go to. She often persuades the shop assistants to retrieve items from stock that aren't even on display and is never pushy about me buying things I am not comfortable with. After the shopping trip she will send a summary of the shops we went to and what I tried on and bought, together with things she thinks I should buy but we didn't have time for (often including product codes so that I get the right thing). I feel now that I look up to date without looking like a fashion victim and people often compliment me on my clothes. I will be going shopping with Vicky every six months or so in the future and have recommended her to friends.

Sarah, Solihull

I found this very informative, positive and fun. It has helped me step outside my usual boundaries and now I always think about how to make my outfit stand out. I shall book again and recommend you.

Debs, Leicester

On the Styling Evening, Vicky came across as extremely knowledgeable and passionate. She has helped me think about how to be creative with accessories. I shall certainly think about what she said when I go shopping.

Kate, Surrey

The styling evening was very relaxed and informative, with a chat about current trends, body shape, and how to accessorise. It was great to have samples to look at. The game was really fun too.

Rachel, Leicester

I didn't know what to expect on a Styling evening, but it was very informative and relaxed, with time to chat too. I learnt a lot about body shapes and will use this advice when I go shopping for clothes in future.

Ruth, Solihull

I arranged my home visit with Vicky because although I had quite a lot of clothes I never seemed to have anything to wear, particularly for going out in the evenings. I had got stuck in a rut of jeans with a cardigan or jumper feeling quite frumpy, not at all stylish or up to date. My wardrobe was also full of items I’d had for a long time and hadn’t worn for years, or items I’d contrived to wear and really shouldn’t have, but hadn’t had the confidence to throw out, particularly those items which were quite expensive in the first place. It was great to do a detox of my wardrobe with Vicky and put together a large bag of items for the charity shop - none of which i will miss. Vicky has put together a shopping list for me. Now the challenge is to try and stick to my list without adding to my knitwear collection! I would recommend Vicky to my friends. I will arrange a shopping trip and will arrange another detox of my summer wardrobe next spring.