Vicky Smith Styling

Image consultant and personal shopper

Tel: 07976 635518

Style Evenings:

These are relaxed and fun evenings, when women and friends of any age, can get together over a glass of wine and get some fashion advice and learn some styling secrets. No-one gets singled out. So if you are self conscious, or not very confident, these evenings are a great way to have a giggle with your friends, and talk about clothes!!!!

There are no set topics - discussions can centre around current market trends, retailing theory, body shapes and what suits, how to use accessories, how one basic outfit can create many different looks, how to turn day wear into evening, how to plan a capsule wardrobe, and often there’s a game thrown in!!

A great idea for a HEN-PARTY, as the games and trying-on ideas get everyone included.

Anyone who wants a brief chat with me after about their personal needs, is welcome to do so.

Prices: £20 per person, 8 plus, and the host comes free.