Vicky Smith Styling

Image consultant and personal shopper

Tel: 07976 635518

Shop Visits:

These can be

a) arranged following a home visit

b) booked in isolation if you only need experience and fashion advice from a trained eye to steer you towards the best bargains, current trends and “must have” pieces.

Itʼs a good idea when we meet up, to spend some time chatting about the aims and objectives for the day. I donʼt need to have met you before, as I shall send out a client form to gain an insight into your requirements, likes and dislikes.

Following that, we shall head off into the shops and have some fun. I shall point you to the right shops and select garments to match your needs.

The changing room is often a source of horror for people, but I shall be there to fetch and carry, and use my expertise to make sure you come out, looking and feeling good. You may worry that my tastes may be forced upon you, but rest assured, I am there to guide, and the ultimate decision is yours.

Once youʼve made all your purchases you can head off home, excited with the clothes you will now “wow” everyone with!!