Vicky Smith Styling

Image consultant and personal shopper

Tel: 07976 635518

Men's Styling

• Do you hate shopping?

• Do you like a quick in and out, to grab what you need at the shops?

• Have you any idea of what’s in fashion?

• Do you have anyone to shop with, or do you go solo?

• Have you any idea what styles - formal and casual - suit you?

• Have you any idea what colours suit you?

• Are you aware of the image you present at work and socially?

During a “mens’ styling” session, an image consultant will help you determine what styles and colours suit you, and this will allow you to do a quick “power shop” every 6 months to keep you up to date and looking good.

You’ll need a home consultation to identify colours which suit you, and what styles suit your body shape. Then a “wardrobe detox” can be performed, to see what clothes you already have. That can all be done on one day. After that, you can go shopping with me, to address any requirements, and you’ll be good to go!!

Here are the results from one client, with Before and After pictures.

"Probably like many men, I thought Personal Styling is just for women, but a couple of sessions with Vicky has changed my mind.

Firstly we did a Colour session. Vicky places different colour swatches against my skin. Then uses her skill to judge which shades/hues are correct for my skin.

Secondly Vicky measures and appraises my body shape, to decide which styles would suit me best.

The next step was a wardrobe detox. It was liberating having an expert telling me what I probably already knew, but was afraid to face, It was also quite a laugh, as some of my fashion mistakes were given the boot.

Lastly, we hit the shops with to hunt down the clothes in the colours & styles we had determined. Here, Vicky is really in her element, she is the perfect shopping companion, knowing where to find the right clothes, suggesting complimentary items and fetching different sizes. But most importantly using her eye for detail to spot things I didn't and would have probably bought.

Vicky is a fantastic Image Consultant, who made shopping for clothes fun."