Vicky Smith Styling

Image consultant and personal shopper

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Why would you want to know what colours suit you?

Have you ever met friends or business colleagues, and they have immediately said you look tired or ill? Or have people told you how well you look today? This is probably a result of wearing certain colours. Imagine the effect you therefore have, if you choose colours which suit you?

In addition, certain colours give off an aura of confidence and authority. Harness that and it could work in your favour.

What does it involve?

During a “colour analysis consultation”, your natural skin tone ( no make-up ladies; Gents - you’re ok as you are), eye colour and hair colour will be looked at, to determine which colours complement you and your personality. Swatches of fabric are draped over your shoulders to pin point the shades which suit you best.

It’s important to get a feel for your current “wardrobe style” so that any suggestions made as a result, will enhance rather than detract from you existing clothes collection.

“Colour analysis” sessions usually take an 1 1/2 - 2 hours, and following your consultation, you will be given your colour guide booklet, with fabric swatches in. You will be given guidance on how to use your swatch booklet.